Mama Is Working

About Kate

I’m Kate, and I own a portfolio of websites in the food, parenting, and lifestyle niches that reach millions of readers every year, primarily in the USA but internationally as well.

I started “blogging” as a hobby in 2014 with my food blog Babaganosh, back when it was acceptable to write about your weekend on a food blog and snap a dark and blurry picture of your lunch on your phone.

Picture of Kate, owner of the website

The blogging world has evolved, and so has my website. Since 2014, I learned professional food photography, how to write for my readers and for SEO, and how to work professionally with clients. Oh, and I also started and acquired a few more websites. 😉

I pinch myself every day because I am so lucky that my creative outlet turned into a full time career with 6 successful websites.

My websites

Babaganosh – a recipe blog started in 2014 focusing on easy, family-friendly recipes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Lots of recipes and tips for how to sneak in veggies and healthy ingredients into your day-to-day cooking.

High Chair Chronicles – a parenting blog launched in 2018 focusing on helping parents of babies, toddlers, and young children overcome picky eating and sensory issues. High Chair Chronicles has tips for getting kids to eat, kid-friendly recipes, and sensory activities.

Vegan Blueberry – a vegan food blog with veganized versions of all your favorite comfort foods, as well as the BEST vegan cheese recipes on the internet! Vegan Blueberry was started in 2017.

The Mom Friend – a parenting blog started in 2017 that specializes in pregnancy and postpartum articles, as well as pregnancy fashion. Some of the most popular posts on the Mom Friend are baby names ideas!

Good in the Simple – a food blog started in 2015 with original recipes focusing on family-friendly meals and easy entertaining recipes and tips.

Southern Dakota Mama – a parenting blog launched in 2018 with articles to help support new and expecting moms.

Why “Mama is Working”?

When my son was younger and was staying home with me, I found myself saying too often “mama is working, can you wait 10 minutes and then I’ll play with you?”

It wasn’t ideal, but it was better than having him in daycare all day without any mom time, and became a necessity in 2020 when the world stopped for a little while.

When it was time to think of an LLC name, “Mama is working” popped up into my head because, well, that’s what this mama is doing!

Looking back on it, I am proud to have been able to balance motherhood and work, and to be able to raise my son and grow my websites to become my full time career.

Work with me

Interested in collaboration opportunities? Email me at babaganoshblog (at) gmail (dot) com.