Fashion tips for new moms

Are you a new mom and feeling overwhelmed? The last thing you have to think about is what to wear! Here are some great fashion tips from these ladies for new moms.

Is monogramming a good business for you?

You’ve seen monograms, right?. They’re initials or little messages embossed or etched onto everything from the backs of iPods to ties to robes to wedding cards. They’re a nice touch, but, overall, they seem easy and fairly insignificant, don’t they?

Well, you’d be surprised at how much these monograms actually cost. For the buyer, that is. If you’re willing to put in dedication and work, you, as an entrepreneur, can make good money selling these very monograms. That’s why we recommend a high quality machine like those at Avancé. It’s more affordable than you think if you consider your potential ROI too. Click here for pricing.

So read on to discover what you’ll need to do to start your very own monogramming business!

First of all, you’ll need a workspace. This can be a place in your home, just make sure that there’s a nice flat surface, such as a big table, and plenty of room. It should be uncluttered and the area clean.

You’ll need to purchase a top-of-the-line commercial embroidery machine from This is where the biggest chunk of your investment money will go to. You will also need an operating system for your computer which will interface with your embroidery machine. In other words, your computer is your design center—it’s where you design the monogram—and the machine, hooked up to your computer, is your printer.

Don’t chintz on the machine! Many companies will try and get you to purchase a 6 needle machine that JUST does monograms – better to find a good 15 needle professional version that you can grow with.

Start training. Most machines come with a manual, which is definitely worth reading. And some better machines or sellers of machines will hook you up with free online training as a bonus after you purchase the machine. Be sure to take advantage of that!

Next, you’ll have to come up with a name for your company. The name should be geared to your intended audience. Here are some great tips for branding your new business. If you plan to make items for children or babies, you’ll want a cute sort of name. If it’s wedding or event-monogramming, you’ll want something recognizable but less kitschy. And if your ultimate aim is to be a high professional catering to large corporations, your name should be straightforward and professional.

You need to determine what sort of items you are going to monogram, and how much they will cost. Come up with product descriptions for each. Then you’ll have to figure out where you’re going to market your monogramming business. A good place to start is or, or a similar website for entrepreneurs.

Craft a portfolio. Take high-quality pictures of your best monogrammed work and include their descriptions, offer several pages of lettering samples so clients can see the sort of fonts you have on-offer. Also include practical information such as shipping costs and turn-around times. Customer testimonials add credibility to you and your business, so be sure to highlight and feature the positive ones whenever you get any.

You might consider taking the information from above and putting it all into your own website. This will make you look more professional, and everything will be in one place.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get monogramming!

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